Calling all lab scientists

There’s a war on Coronavirus and we need your help. The plan in the UK is to scale up testing up to 100,000 tests per day.

A key bottleneck is likely to be a lack of skilled laboratory staff to process the samples and run the assays.

Can you lend your scientific skills and experience to support COVID-19 testing and screening? 

Scientists on Standby connects scientists with organisations recruiting overflow resource for the testing of COVID-19.

To help us battle this pandemic, the industry has rallied together to develop, produce and supply more tests to understand how COVID-19 is spreading and to determine who is, and has, been infected. 

Even though the UK has access to many world-class biomedical scientists, there is unlikely to be enough within existing labs to manage the sudden increase in demand, especially for some of the specific assays associated with Coronavirus. This could leave a gap in terms of the qualified resource available over the coming weeks and months. 

Are you based in the UK and someone who can provide time and expertise to assist in the screening and detection of COVID-19? 

Then add your name to our growing list of scientists on standby who could help with diagnostic testing during this outbreak.

To start with, we are looking for expertise in at least one of these key areas:

Liquid Handling

qPCR / PCR Assays

Viral RNA Extraction

Containment Level 3 Experience

If you are a qualified scientist who can offer expertise and experience in these areas, please fill out the form below. Your details will be collected and passed to private and government-led organisations managing COVID-19 testing.

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