Can you provide lab space or equipment?

There’s a war on Coronavirus and we need your help. The plan in the UK is to scale up testing up to 100,000 tests per day.

To achieve this, we’ll probably need access to laboratory space and equipment.

Can you, your lab or your company provide equipment and/or space for processing samples and running assays.

Scientists on Standby helps to connect scientists, laboratories and equipment providers to help with scaling up COVID-19 testing.

To help us battle this pandemic, the industry has rallied together to develop, produce and supply more tests to understand how COVID-19 is spreading and to determine who is, and has, been infected. 

Even though the UK has access to many world-class biomedical laboratories, the space available could quickly be outstripped by the need to deliver so many tests per day. The same goes for equipment.

Are you based in the UK and someone who can provide access to laboratory space or equipment to support with COVID-19 testing? 

Then add your name to our growing list of scientists on standby who could help with diagnostic testing during this outbreak.

To start with, we are looking for access to laboratories that can provide the following:

Containment Level 3 Facilities

Liquid Handling Equipment

qPCR / PCR Equipment

We are now partnering with the COVID-19 Volunteer Testing Network to locate and connect with laboratories that are able to offer lab space and equipment to help in the fight against COVID-19. If you’re in a position to help, please visit to register your details.

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